porcelain and pink by f scott-fitzgerald - produced by moss banks
Porcelain and Pink
by F Scott-Fitzgerald

Dates: 24th - 28th October 2016
Times: 12pm & 1pm
Location: Maddermarket Theatre Emmerson Studio
Ticket Price: £4
Porcelain and Pink was first published in 1920 in ‘The Smart Set’, a literary magazine based in New York, which offered up-and-coming authors a platform to showcase their work to a greater audience. It was then republished as part of Fitzgerald’s collection of short stories; ‘Tales of the Jazz Age’ in 1922. The short, one-act play is brimming with the same wit and charm that Fitzgerald captures in his other more notable works. With sharp humour, and sharper characters, the play will entertain and delight!

Fitzgerald states in his opening stage directions that; “Yes, you’ve guessed it. Mistaken identity is the old, rusty pivot upon which the plot turns”. When Julie is mistaken for her sister Lois while in the bath, by none other than Lois’ love interest, Julie stirs up chaos as easily as running water stirs up bath bubbles.